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How It Works

We design programs to fit into your life. Based on years of clinical research, our methods are proven to help you feel better. Read more

Start with a short quiz to find the right path for you.
Learn and practice for up to one hour per week.
Receive weekly feedback from a qualified coach.
Access your program and tools whenever, wherever.

How It Has Helped Others

Valeria, 16, on using the Space from Anxiety program

Doing an online program gave me the support I needed. It might sound weird, but it was comforting to know I could log on any time I was feeling really anxious. I found it a little hard to make time for the program at first, with all my homework. But when I realized I could do SilverCloud on my phone, it made a huge difference!

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John, 17, on using the Space from Depression program

I knew I was completely out of touch with my friends and I could see how this was really getting me down. I wasn’t sure where to start but the idea of setting small goals appealed to me. As the program advised, I made sure that the goal I set was really tiny. I didn’t have the energy for anything else. The first goal I set was to message the friend I had been closest to. I felt that I didn’t have anything to lose, things couldn’t get any worse. I was surprised by how much better I felt after doing something so simple. It made the next step seem more possible.

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Camila, 16, on using the Space from Depression & Anxiety program

Trying to balance everything between school and home really started to get to me. I was exhausted all the time and I often found myself bursting into tears for no reason at all. Learning about CBT cycles and how my physical sensations and mood interact helped me notice how intense my feelings were. After working through the program I’m feeling a lot better about myself. I think I'm starting to have a much more balanced view of myself and my life.

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Is it for you?

1 in 4
people in the world will be affected by a mental health condition
Source: World Health Organization

of SilverCloud users show significant improvement.
Source: the Berkshire Clinical Trials, NHS

2 in 3
people with a known mental health condition will never seek help.
Source: World Health Organization

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